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Volunteers Needed!

I am working on getting a Nature Center Volunteer List Calendar started. Now what I mean is a list of dates and volunteers that they will work at the nature center. Duties of volunteers will vary widely and will be tailored to each volunteer's skills and interest. If you would like to spend a Sunday afternoon or Satuday working at the nature center, then drop me a line. I am working on this calendar now and will be sending out this request for volunteers each month. I am working on April's calendar at the moment. I have all the Sunday's covered for the month of March.
Thank you for your time and efforts
Leann Bunn
Tenkiller State Park


April 15 and 16th, 2005 is our Stargazing event with the Oklahoma City Astronomy Club. Hosted by Tenkiller State Park, this event will take place from 9 pm-l1pm
behind cabins 27 and 28. The event is free to the public and telescopes will be

Plenty of one, two and three bedroom cabins are available for this special weekend.
The skies over Lake Tenkiller offer a view of more stars than you can imagine. The
quiet stillness of the night, the beauty of the Milky Way, constellations, the Big Dipper and more discoveries through a telescope by club members will make this a memorable event for you and your family.

For cabin reservation information, please call:
Tenkiller State Park 918-489-5641/5643 or
email us at tenkillercabins@oklahomaparks.com

Diane Rutland
Sales and Marketing
Greenleaf and Tenkiller State Parks


We have a new member that is willing to put out a newsletter quarterly for Tenkiller Park Partners. If you would like to submit anything for the newsletter to announce submit it by FRIDAY MARCH 11,2005 to be included in the newsletter on the 15th. We are hoping to get the newsletter out to you on the 15th of every quarter month. March is the first quarter to the year so we are hoping to get something out to you on the 15th. The next newsletter will come out in June so the friday before the 15th will be the deadline for that month.
All the materials for the newsletter are being donated by the GROOM LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY IN Muskogee, Oklahoma. Mr. Brewer works for the company and has volunteered to do this for this area. Submit all stories or announcements to John Brewer directly:
John Brewer
Rt. 1 Box 305-8
Vian, OK 74962

Lake office: 773-8160
Muskogee office: 683-9273
Fax: 683-5389

Also, any mail may be forwarded to me as well at:
1109 West Okmulgee
Muskogee, OK 74401

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A Dream Come True......

Tenkiller State Park now has a 3/4 mile, paved, 8' wide, totally accessible, multi use trail - Beginning at the cabin/park office, the trail winds through wooded areas, cabins, bird blind and along several bluff areas overlooking Tenkiller Lake - the views are spectacular and the trail once again opens up the Lake's most scenic vistas at Crappie Point, an area which has been closed for many years.

Come see why Tenkiller State Park is Oklahoma's "Heaven In The Hills". The two attached pictures offer just a glimpse of the spectacular scenery of Lake Tenkiller and the Tenkiller Dam that guests can enjoy while using the trail.

We are featuring discounted cabin rates during January and February, so make plans to enjoy this trail, wintering waterfowl, (including loons and eagles), and kids 16 and under can fish for trout in the kids fishing pond. Qualifying cabin guests fish free, campers and day use guests may purchase a day use trout tag from the park office for $3.00.

Oklahoma State Parks and Tenkiller State Park presented awards to the Tenkiller Park Partners.....more


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