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The following is a sample letter you might use to urge your government officials to allocate funds for repairs to boat ramps on Tenkiller Lake. Feel free to copy and paste (see instructions below) it into an e-mail, if you wish, modify it, or better yet, write a letter in your own words.

Below is a list of Senators and Congressman to which you should send your letters. Please take a few minutes to help urge funding for this worthwhile and timely improvement to Tenkiller Lake.

   I am writing to you concerning quality recreational activities at Tenkiller Ferry Lake in Oklahoma. I am a resident/business on the Lake.

Tenkiller Ferry Lake was built for flood control, hydropower generation, water supply, recreation and natural resource management. It was completed in the 50s. Recently, it was named the clearest lake in the state. Tenkiller is one of the most popular and used lakes in the state and contributes greatly to the economic health of the area, as well as the state and federal government.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers operates 18 parks on the lake. The park facilities are suffering from the heavy usage and age. There has been very little repair done on the boat ramps since the lake was built. The boat ramps have deteriorated and are in need of repair. Repair on them at normal lake level is very costly. However, there is a window of opportunity for this repair to be completed at a much reduced cost. The Corps of Engineers is currently working on the construction of a new spillway and flood gates. In the year 2005 the construction will require that the lake be drawn down a minimum of 9 feet, at which time it would be possible for the boat ramps to be repaired at a much reduced cost. The Corp of Engineers has informed us that there are no funds available at this time for such work. Corps estimate for repairs on all of the ramps is approximately $850,000. I am asking that you please help make funds available through whatever legislation necessary. Again, the ramps can be repaired more easily and at a lower cost when they will be dry in 2005. This is an opportunity for you to save some of our taxpayer dollars.
Thank you.

Senator/Congressman e-mail
Senator James Inhofe
Senator Donald Nickles
Representative Brad Carson
Representative Ernest Jim Istook, Jr.
Representative Steve Largent
Representative Frank Lucas
Representative Wes Watkins
Representative J.C. Watts

Click and hold mouse button down at start of text in white area then drag to end and release.
RIGHT click on highlighted text and choose "Copy"
Click on the e-mail address you wish to send to and in the message area of the e-mail window
RIGHT click and choose "Paste"
Modify as necessary.


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